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What a great Bowling Birthday Party for my 4 year old son this past Saturday, April 10th !  Everyone had great things to say about the new and improved Bay Lanes.  There were people new to the lanes, one guy used to bowl there on his lunch hour years ago to practice for tournaments and could not get over the new place, and of course this was our second time having a bowling party there but it has really received a makeover.  You certainly know how to put on a party since you personally served pizza and drinks to the kids and adults as well, decorated using the birthday theme, my son received a bowling pin with his friends and family signatures, and you were extremely kind to everyone.  The cost was affordable and certainly well worth it since I only had to bring the cake !  Greg and I were  bowling, talking with our friends and family and just had a great time - Thank You !!


Let the good times Roll !!


Robin L.

Four Year Old Party of 25 +

We held my son's 5th birthday party at Bay Lanes on Sunday, June 13th. I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time we all had.  Your alley and staff was fabulous. They were so helpful, flexible and friendly...and they rounded up so many light weight bowling balls!  The party area was perfect.  Every parent that attended with their child commented on how great the party area was and how clean the bathrooms were!  Everyone there had a wonderful time and my son, Sam, thought it was so cool that he got to take home a REAL bowling pin that his buddies has signed.  Thank you for running such a wonderful place...we will definitely be back! 


have a great summer and thanks again... Kris M.

Hey Mark,

Thank you so much for the wonderful job your crew did for my twin boys 6th birthday! They had a wonderful time and you made it great by being so accommodating to us. You have a great bowling alley and a wonderful staff! I attached the picture from the party of 26 boys! I could not have done it without your help and kindness! See you soon!

Paige and Dan M.

NOW HEAR THIS: Having lived in Bay Village most of my life, I was always acquainted with Bay Lanes as a tired, small alley coated in a haze of cigarette smoke and dingy furnishings. Even though I have five kids and SHOULD have been back here sooner, this past Sunday I had the pleasure of attending my son's friend’s party and I was WOWWED! What happened to this place? I entered through the traditional Bay Square entrance which was the first sign of extreme change: colorfully painted walls, oversized custom graphics that announce the fun to be had before even walking through the door! A rainbow of colors immediately erased the dingy feel of the past, and the stodgy smoky bar of yesteryear was supplanted by an open floor plan feel with tables and chairs comfortably arranged to accommodate whatever gathering is up your sleeve! I have to admit the “new” Bay Lanes offers a sharp contrast with some of the “mega bowl” places that seem to go on for miles and ushers your out the door dizzy and with lost hearing; Mark and Christina have crafted a recreation space that is intimate, inviting and calming. What you get at Bay Lanes is custom “white glove” service from the family owned couple who are there to meet, greet and cater to your every need. From the too-cool kids bowling shoes to the “birthday throne” constructed from recycled alley parts to the real keepsake bowling pin – explained by owner Mark – which is real pin no longer useable on the alley that is repainted and signed by all the attendees as a token of the event…everything here is new, refreshed and remade. What really is wonderful and wants me to keep my eyes on this place is that the owner, a former college admissions professional, is merging his recreation with education - - - as he is in the works to create a program for soon to be high schoolers that actually masquerades learning and college prep in the fun sport of bowling….he was describing it to me and I will be the first to sign up! Need I say more? Obviously this made an impression on me so much that I am up before 6 writing about it and will recommend it to my friends and clients. Thank you for the wonderful event, Mark and Tina, and God Bless You as you continue your good work . . . !

Christina Carpadis Schraff